Barbie American Girl Side Part Frosted blonde Japanese Exclusive Dressed Box 1813 VHTF Banner Box


This is an extemely Japanese exclusive American Girl Dressed box dolls AND it is soooo interesting because it is a Mod fashion worn by a Vintage doll


- it is a frosted blonde side part pink sking American girl with bendable legs body

- make up is not perfect because doll has been played with

- no green but little holes below each ear

- hair is huge and with a beautiful two tone blonde, the neon pink ribbon is a replacement to match the fashion

- bendable legs pink skin AG body is excellent with still toe polish! No swingy hips, legs bend fine, no pin pricks


- Snugg Fuzz Fashion 1813 suit appears very little played with

- the hot pink faux fur is near mint but the white plastic trim has stiffened as often with aging vinyl

- the outfit comes complete with the hard to find silver lame top and hose

- includes the panties all dressed box dolls were sold with


This box is among the rarest, it is a "dressed box" with the reference of the outfit worn by the doll. Box lid is the same as regular AG boxes but the inner box has a banner specific to AG JE Dressed Boxes. It is the only time is have seen a Twist 'N Turn fashion in such a dressed box doll.

Box in excellent overall condition with no discoulouring or corner splits and comes with reference 20011813.

Comes with rare Japanese exclusive Barbie gold letters stand (with melting spots)


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