Barbie American Girl Side Part Frosted blonde Japanese Exclusive Dressed Box B1677 VHTF Banner Box

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Keep your eyes wide open!!! This is a real museum piece! 

Japanese banner dressed boxes are hard to find but what to tell about this Gala Abend dressed box


- it is a frosted blonde side part pink sking American girl with bendable legs body

- make up is excellent with bright red light and lots of eyeshadow

- no green and NO face fading as often see on these girls

- hair is perfect

- bendable legs pink skin AG body is excellent! However, arms faded to a clearer color than the rest of the body


- Super rare Gala Abend Fashion suit is in amazing condition, only a little yellowing behind the coat, shown on picture

- it includes the super rare original Carnet de bal

- graduated pearl necklace is excellent

- long white gloves, clear OT shoes

- includes the panties all dressed box dolls were sold with


This box is among the rarest, it is a "dressed box" with the reference of the outfit worn by the doll, so here B1677. Box lid is the same as regular AG boxes but the inner box has a banner specific to JE Dressed Boxes

Box in excellent overall condition with no discoulouring or corner splits.

Comes with rare Japanese exclusive Barbie / Ken / Midge leaftlet and very rare Barbie letters stand


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